Easy Website Builders Review 2020

Easy Website Builders Review 2020

In this article, we review the companies that allow you to create your own site through the online website builder platforms and also using the ready-made site templates they offer.

In this review, we’ll dive into what advantages and disadvantages online website builders platforms have, what features they give, what they offer and what they don’t,

Prices, examples of websites, support services, etc. This is an article that provides gathered information as a result of deep research that can answer any potential questions you may have.

Important Note: Before choosing online website builder programs / companies that I will talk about in my article, determine whether these programs are suitable for you.

If it is appropriate, which program has what it is like, what program has what kind of minus, which one to use will bring you exactly to the website you want, read the entire article and make your choice after that.

If you just want to start a blog we explained in detail in our How To Start A Blog in 2020 article.

The article is a little long. So I am sharing a table of contents for ease of use:

1- What is an Online Website Builder?
2- Is It Right For You?

Companies Offering the Best Template Based Web Site Building Services:

1- Wix
2- Site123
3- Weebly
4- Squarespace
5- Shopify
6- Siteground

What is an Online Website Builder?

What is an Online Website Builder?

Host, domain, database, html, php, css, js etc. without both technical and coding knowledge,
Moreover, they are “online”, that is, web-based tools that do not have enough time to deal with them and still provide an alternative website setup method for users who want to have a professional-looking website.
With the online website creation tools, you can create the website we need without downloading a program to your computer, choosing the one of the professional-looking ready-made website templates via the service’s website, and also without writing/knowing a single line of code.

With these services, which offer a very easy way to have a ready-made website in a short time, the process starts with being a member of one of the ready-made website building services.

Then you choose one of the ready-made templates created according to every need. Whether you need a restaurant website or photography portfolio or just a personal blog.

You can edit the some fields in these templates according to your needs with design tools that do not require coding. (Usually by drag and drop method and some typing)

You write your site content, upload and place your media contents such as photos and videos. Finally, the process ends with publishing the prepared website.

Online website design programs are so advanced that you do not even need to think about site design with the artificial intelligence they contain.

The system asks a few questions to determine your needs and goals. It offers you the most suitable ready-made website template based on your answers to these questions. All you have to do is enter the content you want on your site and publish your site.

Ready Website Builder – Artificial Intelligence
Internet website building platforms offer almost every tool required for a website as a module.

For example, you are a hairdresser and you want to make an appointment on your website. The website design tool offers you an appointment module or application where your customers can book, and you can follow and organize these appointments.

You activate this with a few clicks, enter the required data in the module part of this feature and place this module anywhere on your web page with the drag and drop method.

Web Site Design Program – Site Modules

With ready-made website packages offered by online site building program services, you can have a ready-made website that you can look for and dream of in many areas from blogs to personal websites, photography sites, events, restaurants, CV & Portfolio sites or even e-commerce sites.

As a result, the website building programs offered by ready-made site services enable people who do not have technical and coding knowledge to create a code-free website and have the websites they need with drag-and-drop web design.

Are Ready Website Builder Services Suitable for You? Who Should Use?

How to decide an online website builder?

Although ready-made site platforms that offer online website building programs stand out with their ease of use, they may not be suitable for everyone with their limited features. The person who wants to have a website should analyze whether these services will work.

The following is the summary of the experience I can transfer to you for these online programs after my researches and usage experiences;

If I want a very simple site, I can list our products or services on my site with pages like us, communication, our vision, our mission,

Through the contact form on the contact page, people can contact us very easily, the working hours, location (location) of our company or business are marked on our site, marked on the google map,

I want to set up a simple site where we can list the works we do or the services we provide, and where I can provide information, and I don’t even have the slightest technical knowledge to build such a site,

If you want to do this in the simplest form, these online ready site builder services may be suitable for you.

I say it might be because this summary may not be enough to make a decision. So let’s get into a little more details;

1- The main target of the companies that offer this Ready website is the person who has the lack of technical knowledge, time and concept completely. They created their systems and marketing in this way.

As I said at the beginning, building a site with these companies is one of the alternative ways of building a website.
I have articles that I have explained in detail about the site setups for many different categories. And I explain all these site installations with the method of setting up an alternative site, WordPress. In other words, I explain it with the worpress.org infrastructure.

I can say that if ready-made site companies are a lake, WordPress is the ocean. While WordPress is an unlimited territory, ready-made site builder platforms are formations have boundaries are always cleared and cannot be overcome.

2- If you have a small business, if you have little time, if you intend to have a site where you can show your business presence to people who search you on the internet, transfer basic information such as your contact information, services to people, have a site where I can print my business card, I will add institutionality to my business and be accessible 24/7. may be suitable for.

3- You can choose ready-made site companies for simple purchases such as selling products and services in a narrow area, establishing an e-commerce site and getting orders for products and services without dealing with complex transactions.

4- Before I read this article, I heard that ready-made website builder programs are free. I do not have the budget to spend for the website, so I can understand the enthusiasm of those who say I will prefer these services, but I would like to regret to say that there is no such thing as a free ready site, this discourse is only a marketing tactic, an advertisement.

Contrary to popular belief!

These ready-made site builders aren’t free, but on the contrary, they are actually expensive tools because of their lining.

I would like to state in advance that the cost of establishing a normal website (with the infrastructure of wordpress.org, that is, the cost of the site established with the ways I have told) is at least 2-3 times.

5- Formations that offer the best drag and drop web design feature in the market are these ready-made site companies. You become a member, buy a ready-made site package and instantly start designing your site with the hold and drag method. It is very simple.

Of course, you can do this type of drag-and-drop design creation function with tool plugins via wordpress, but nevertheless you can install, learn to use, adjust settings, etc. it can be a bit of a challenge for people who start this business from scratch.

6-Since these services have strong infrastructures, you do not need to worry about server speed, server security. When you try to set up a website with other methods (for example, via wordpress.org, as I have explained), you should take your own server service, manage it, optimize it when it comes to speed, and take the server security measures when it comes to its place.

7- Online ready site programs save you a lot of time. Since everything is ready, you can add your own content to the ready site offered to you in a short time and publish your site immediately. You can integrate and use the site functions you need in a short time through plugins (think of additional patch packages).

8- There is also a support aspect of the business that is not a matter to be left aside or to be over.

You do not pay for ready site companies only for website builders. At the same time, these companies include the support service for the fee you pay.

Some of them offer live chat, some are e-mail, and some even provide direct support over the phone, which I think is one of the essential criteria for people who start this business from scratch.

9- Although it is a very small, insignificant detail, I did not want to pass it without specifying: Because you use ready-made website templates and these templates are limited to 200 – 300, it will be a little difficult to make your difference with other sites. This can create a negative situation for your corporate or individual brand. In other words, similar sites can have a negative impact on the eyes of visitors.

10- Finding a ready-made website template for you means trying hundreds of templates one by one if necessary. When you notice a deficiency and search for another template while working on the template you choose, you will have to throw away all the changes you have made until then.

With online ready site builder programs, changes you make on a template are constantly saved on that template. However, you cannot transfer the changes or data entry you have adapted to the template you are working on to another template. When you choose another template, you need to start from scratch.

11- Another very annoying situation is that it is very difficult to transfer the site you created with ready-made site companies to the service or another infrastructure offering another ready-made website creation program. If you are not satisfied with the service you use and you prefer another service, you will probably have to leave the site you created there and start everything from scratch.

Companies Offering the Best Web Site Building Platforms:

Of course, it is also useful to take a detailed look at what features these tools offer in order to decide on using the tools to make online sites for your website.

For this reason, I listed the 5 companies offering the most popular ten ready-made site programs in the world with their pros and cons. I think it will guide you in choosing an online site building program that suits your needs.

Wix Website Builder Review

Creating a Web Site with Wix

Wix, in almost every field is noncoding website with advanced drag and drop a service that offers the possibility to via the website. You need no tech knowledge.

Wix Website Building Tool

Among the online website builders, Wix is by far the most known and most used and naturally the most customer in the world,

In 19 languages ​​and dozens of serving in different countries, Israel-based but also traded on the NASDAQ stock market and a single stock in 100 – 120 dollar price is in the range, while the market value of about $ 6 billion and at the core of its business is a company that mainly sells ready-made websites.


+ Wix is one of the easiest website building platform available in the world. More precisely, the easiest method of building a site is online web design programs such as Wix. So there is no easier method. This is the ultimate in ease of use. It is one of the leading companies offering these programs in Wix. You don’t need any coding experience, even if you are newbie on the web.

+ It is built with 110 million website Wix in the world. I think this is the biggest indicator of what size it is preferred.

With the drag-and-drop method offered by + Wix, you can create exactly the same design as the site design you visualize in your mind. Drag and drop feature of Ki wix is ​​a completely independent system. In other words, you can do whatever you want to place with the drag and drop method on your site, you can do that without even playing a pixel where you drag and drop.

+ Online site making program with the most ready-made website templates in Wix.

It has 600+ (over) ready site templates. This means more than 600 ready-made website designs for the site you want to set up, ready for you to use. No matter what niche your site is in, you will definitely find a design related to your own business in wix.

Website Creation Templates Without Wix Code

Click Here to See Wix Ready Website Templates

+ You can activate the mobile version of your site with a single click and you can make your site’s desktop view, mobile view and design completely different from each other.

When you want to change the position of a picture on a page that you publish in the desktop view, you can easily change it with the drag and drop method, but you also need to make the same change for the mobile view. So you also need to pay attention to such small nuances.

With + Wix, you can add pictures, videos, galleries, background color or images, menus, lists, buttons, social media icons, that is, almost everything that you can think of on a site.

It offers over 100 fonts, a font option. You can also add your own font.

+ The systems contain 1000+ stock photos. You can use these 1000 stock photos without any copyright problems.

+ Wix inside e-commerce store, form, reservation, forum, picture gallery, subscription form, comment box, video player, visitor counter, live chat tool, map tool, price table ie same wordpress plugins or google chrome browser plugins There is an application market that offers dozens of modules that you can take the extra functionality you want and integrate into your site.

According to the subscription plans you use, you can use the modules and applications in the market on your site for free or at extra cost.

In addition, compared to other online website building tools, Wix is ​​the online website building program that has the most ready site templates and provides extra functional functions (plugins).

From here (by clicking on the link) you can take a detailed look at what kind of plugins are in the app market of Wix.

Wix Ready Website Builder – App Market
+ It also offers a virtual store service where you can purchase media files such as images, videos, music produced by third parties that are protected by copyright.

+ Ready-made website creation service Wix also has a design artificial intelligence that allows you to make the most appropriate choice for the design of your website. His name is NAME. This ADI asks you some questions and automatically creates your site for you in response to your answers, and Wix claims that every site created by ADI will be different from the other.

So actually, this artificial intelligence creates a site specially designed for each individual. (Of course, the personal design mentioned here should not encourage you. ADI throws the background color of one site to white, the other to beige, and although everything else is the same, technically one site will be different from the other.)

+ Shopify (I’m talking about this company at the bottom) or worms.org infrastructure, Wix also has e-commerce modules, more precisely, packages and plugins. If you need to get paid on your site, I would like you to know that you can also do this with the Wix infrastructure.

+ SEO-appropriate page titles, meta descriptions, modifying URL structures (except: URL structures of blog and product sales pages cannot be fully modified), 301 redirects, adding subtags, captions, etc. to images, editing header tags offers the option.

However, the sitemap cannot be customized or intervened. The sitemap structure that Wix sets automatically applies to your site. Canonical tags can not be intervened again.

+ When you buy any ready-made website builder package from Wix, you not only paid for the online website building program, but also paid for the 24/7 hosting of the site you created with the online website making tool, ie hosting (See: What does hosting mean). Are you going. Hosting fee is included in the price you pay. So your site is hosted on Wix servers.

Of course, since hosting belongs to them and the site codes are prepared by them, the possibility of your site being a slow site is almost eliminated. In other words, you have a fast site in general terms.

No matter which ready-made website package, they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

+ In some ready-made website design packages, they give the domain name free of charge for the first year in annual subscriptions.

+ They also provide free SSL certificate in every ready-made website package.

With + Wix, you can assign multiple editors or authors to your site. You can share site management with multiple people simultaneously.

+ Wix also has application for both android and iOS. You can manage and edit your site through these applications.


Wix introduces itself as a free website builder everywhere (including its own ads) under the phrase “building a free site”, but the free thing it offers is just a test drive.

How so?

Namely; You can only experience how Wix online website design program is used over Wix, and whatever features it has, along with all its features. You can design and create your own site as you want with the wix site builder.


When you want your site to be accessible to everyone on the internet, that is, if you want to implement your site design with a domain name you choose (domain (see what is domain)), you need to purchase a domain name.

Which is why you have to buy one of the premium packages of Wix just to get the domain name. You can reach the premium package prices by clicking here.

–You can also publish your site via a free URL address. But this time, your site address is exactly like this;


–If you choose the cheapest Domain linking package among the ready-made website packages, you will also need to purchase a domain name on top of it, so you will pay an extra fee for the domain.

Of course, when the Domain fee comes into play, the price of the Domain Linking package already exceeds the price of the standard package on a monthly basis.

So if you choose one of VIP, Standard or Unlimited packages (By the way, my suggestion is to start with unlimited packages), besides these packages, the domain you will receive for the first 1 year is given as a gift. In other words, you do not pay extra for the first year on the domain address.

Also, even if you buy the Domain Linking package and buy and connect with this package, Wix continues to publish its own ads on your site. If you do not want Wix ads to appear on your site, you need to purchase higher packages than the Domain Linking package.

So even if the Domain Linking package seems to be the cheapest package, why not start, there is no need to pay that much for other ready-made site packages,

Let me take a look at this, if I like it, I buy other ready-made site packages, but if you think then I will pay more, the cost of this thought will be expensive because of its undercoat.

And no matter which ready-made website package you buy Wix, it will be much more economical to buy that package for a long time at first, like 3 to 5 years. There is a serious discount on prices, especially in long-term purchases.

–If you want to create your site on any ready site design with the online website opening program of Wix and change the design (template) after a while, all your data is lost.

All your content, all your settings, all your inputs, additions, that is, all the effort you spend on creating the design is lost. If you want to move to a new design, you need to start from 0 again.

–They have live support by phone in English, French, Italian and Spanish. However, you can only contact the support request form in so many languages.

The response time they give to the support request forms can be between 12 hours and 1 day, as far as I have experienced.

Ready Web Site Wix Support Request Return Time

The questions I asked were questions covering the services offered by Wix in general terms.

–In fact, Wix’s website builder is working a bit hard. This can be a bit irritating when working long hours on your site.

In addition, while initially playing on ready-made site templates, editing options may seem complicated from time to time while trying to learn the system.

–If you want to move your site that you have created with the online website creation program of Wix to another platform after a certain period of time (such as wordpress.org infrastructure etc.), you should know that this process will be very challenging. Such a transportation process will be quite challenging both technically and smoothly.

–If what you are looking for is a ready-made e-commerce site, that is, if you intend to set up an e-commerce site with the drag and drop website making program of Wix, I suggest that you give up this as soon as you read these lines.

Because the side of Wix‘s ready-made E-commerce site, the functions it offers for e-commerce (including other general purpose online website design programs in this article) are rather weak.

Of course, if you are just looking for an e-commerce online website building program, leave all online tools that offer all the Wix and similar general purpose web design, and continue your way directly with shopify or the non-online but better wordpress.org infrastructure.

– If you want to open and use an email address (such as [email protected] – information @, support @ etc) with the domain extension you have purchased, you need to pay extra for whatever package you use.

Note: If you want to have a simple site with .com or .net extension, but especially if you want to create mail addresses for the .com extension I get and use them as well as the site I installed, then set up a site with the wordpress.org infrastructure. (See building a site with wordpress) Don’t deal with online website builders at all.

After setting up your site, you can follow the post titled [email protected] and open the e-mail addresses such as your surname, info, support, etc. with your domain name.

–Another point you should pay attention to is Wix‘s automatic package renewals. Let’s say you bought a 1 year Wix package but after 8 months you stopped using Wix or your site project has become idle, you are no longer interested in your site.

In this case, you must enter your Wix subscription and cancel your customer panel at least 14 days before the renewal period (if less than 14 days remain … you cannot cancel it). Otherwise, wix will automatically renew your package at the end of 1 year and will automatically charge the fee from your credit card.

+ Shopify (I’m talking about this company at the bottom) or worms.org infrastructure, Wix also has e-commerce modules, more precisely, packages and plugins. If you need to get paid on your site, I would like you to know that you can also do this with the Wix infrastructure.

+ SEO-appropriate page titles, meta descriptions, modifying URL structures (except: URL structures of blog and product sales pages cannot be fully modified), 301 redirects, adding subtags, captions, etc. to images, editing header tags offers the option.

However, the sitemap cannot be customized or intervened. The sitemap structure that Wix sets automatically applies to your site. Canonical tags can not be intervened again.

+ When you buy any ready-made website builder package from Wix, you not only paid for the online website building program, but also paid for the 24/7 hosting of the site you created with the online website making tool, ie hosting (See: What does hosting mean). Are you going. Hosting fee is included in the price you pay. So your site is hosted on Wix servers.

Of course, since hosting belongs to them and the site codes are prepared by them, the possibility of your site being a slow site is almost eliminated. In other words, you have a fast site in general terms.

No matter which ready-made website package, they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

+ In some ready-made website design packages, they give the domain name free of charge for the first year in annual subscriptions.

+ They also provide free SSL certificate in every ready-made website package.

With + Wix, you can assign multiple editors or authors to your site. You can share site management with multiple people simultaneously.

+ Wix also has application for both android and ios. You can manage and edit your site through these applications.

Click Here To Learn More About Wix Features and Prices

Site123 Web Site Builder Review

Site123 Review

Site123 is one of the easiest to use by far among all the online website builder companies in this article.


+ Among all the other online web design programs on the list, I can say that it is by far the easiest to use website opening program. You fill in the required fields as if you were filling out a form and your site is set up.

While researching, I learned that the name of Site123 was exactly a name that was put in order to emphasize this convenience. It meant ready website setup in 3 steps.


First of all, you click the Start Here button on the main screen of Site123, then choose whatever category suits you best for your business or yourself,

You enter the site name, create a membership, and then you can directly edit it for the ready-made site template offered to you, or choose one you like from the ready-made site templates available on their system and start editing it.

Site 123 Stock Website Templates
+ By integrating google analytics for your site, you can track user data of your site via google analytics, almost all of the website owners (including me) follow the visitor statistics data flow via google analytics.

+ Whichever package you get among the ready-made website packages, you can link the domain address with that package for the first year free of charge.

In the following years, you pay about $ 13 (annual) mooring fee. Also, if you get your domain address via Site123, you have the chance to choose more than 130 domain extensions (see: what is domain). In other words, you can get your domain address in extensions such as .store .eu .it .cz .pics .tips.

+ If Site123‘s domain sales prices are expensive for you, you can get your domain address from another place besides Site123. For example, by following the article titled How to buy a domain from Godaddy, you can get it at a very reasonable price with the discount link in my article from Godaddy company, which is the largest domain host in the world.

Of course for this; After purchasing any of the ready-made site packages from Site123, wherever you purchased your domain address, you need to enter the customer panel of that company and change the domain name servers from the domain management section to the name servers of Site123.

Note: This process requires a bit of technical knowledge and can be quite complicated for beginners. If you don’t know how to change the name server, my advice is to never waste time entering such technical details for a 3 – 4 dollar discount.

+ When making changes on the ready-made site template you choose, the changes you make are automatically saved (with the auto save feature) so that no data is lost. And you can go back to the changes you want, thanks to these records.

+14 days money back guarantee available. However, the cancellation phase does not occur by clicking a single cancel button. The process is a bit twisting.

You must fill in the return form to get a refund. (You have to write your reasons for cancellation etc.) then you need to wait for the answer from Site123. This answer may take up to 72 hours to arrive. But this should not make you think differently. There is no problem getting a refund.

+ All ready-made site templates are fully responsive, meaning that all templates automatically take the screen size of those devices so that they fit on the screen of each device they open. (Mobile, ios, android etc. any device you can think of)

+ Supporting systems were mentioned with praise wherever I looked when researching this company. Particularly praised are the fact that they offer support via live chat. There are live chat services.

Site123 Features

If you want to contact them for support service outside Friday, between 10 and 18 hours, you can get support by e-mail. You can reach them via email address [email protected] (By the way, this e-mail address information is not available anywhere on their site, be informed.)

I haven’t experienced how live chat systems are, but after 48 hours, I can not find answers to some of the questions I have asked in the answers I gave.

The fact that some of the questions they answered were not satisfactory also made me think…

Frankly, I didn’t want to go through this without writing. Here you can: You can also reach the mail I received and the answer I received.

There is also a fairly wide range of frequently asked questions. You can find it here; https://site123.com/support Unfortunately, there is a support page, detailed (with pictures in gif form) about every feature they offer.

+ There are educational video guides introducing all the functions available in website making tools. (That works, this is done from here)

+ When you buy any package among ready-made site packages, the package also includes hosting service. So you don’t have to pay for hosting separately. So, what you buy and pay is not just an online website design program. With the program, you also get the server service (what is hosting / see: hosting) that will keep your site open 24/7 to the world.

+ There is also an e-commerce function. However, if you have this product, I have a few products that you will sell next to your main site.

Otherwise, if you just want to set up an e-commerce system, check the wordpress.org infrastructure or Shopify. (I mentioned in detail in my article about these ready-made website creation tools from Shopify.)

+ You can add multiple language options to your site up to 5 languages. Of course, it varies depending on which package you choose among these ready-made website packages. If you want to use 5 languages ​​in total, you should choose the top package.

Also, adding a different language is very easy. There are already translations of many languages ​​in their systems. However, if you translate other than these 5 languages (which is probably the case) then you have to enter the translations manually, but even the functions of manual language translation are very easy to use.

In url, site url views change as follows; as yoursite.com/fr or yoursite.com/en. and your users can change the language by clicking the flags on the top right of your site.

+ Mail subscription system has bulk mail functions. You can send a subscription to your subscribers collectively (again via the website builder program). Subscriber limits and mailing limits vary according to the ready-made website packages you purchase. (With monthly restrictions (like 10,000 per month))

There are more than 180 ready-made site designs, ie ready-made templates. You can choose from 180 different options whatever design suits you best. Of course, offering so many ready-made site templates also increases your potential to find the design closest to the site look you designed in your mind.

+ They offer free SSL. (See what is SSL) Free SSL is available even in its free packages. It is available in every ready-made website package.

+ All of the editing options are listed on the left after creating a site. From here you can add, edit or delete pages on your site, add pictures or videos to your pages, add content blocks to the pages as you want (frequently asked questions, gallery, customer feedback etc.), add fonts, remove, change color,

Adding buttons that take action when you click as you wish, adding e-commerce blocks, that is, if there are 2 or 3 products you sell, you can also embed them as a piece in a page as products sold. (For example your homepage)

If you want, your site consists of a single page; communication, customer feedback, gallery, products sold etc. In the menu at the top, such as clicking on these, directing the post visitor to that section in the same page.

Of course, you can also make a site where you can divide your content into separate pages. So such changes can be done in a few clicks on the Site123 system, things are made incredibly easy to use. Of course, such changes also have a limit. The limit is determined by the premium ready-made site package you use.

In the free version, let me take a look at the system, what changes are being made to the system, if you think what the features of the system are, let me experience all of them one by one, if I like, I get a paid ready site package, unfortunately, Site123 does not experience every feature like wix in the free version.

For example, you cannot access plugins and applications in free version. Of course, I can say that at least 90% of its features are available in the free version. Adding a contact form, adding an image gallery, adding a video or even creating a reservation form, making it functional and adding it to your site (which, for example, is not checked in the free version at companies that sell other ready-made site templates).

Already, when you try Site123‘s website builder, you can see which feature is available for free use and which feature will be available when you buy a paid ready site package. If you see a small crown, that crown means that it can be activated with a paid premium ready-made site package.

Ready Site Builder Site123 Crown Mark (Premium Symbol)
+ The longer you buy ready-made site packages, the lower the price of the package actually. Between the 12-month selection and the 36-month selection, the price plays 50% or even more. It officially plays more than half. However, I can not pass without writing the fact that their prices are too expensive.

+ You can make your site accessible only by members, more precisely only the people you assign access rights to. Of course, in order to access your site only by other users, you need to define the mail addresses of those users to the system.

+ You can use all stock photos and icons on my sites free of charge without any copyright warning.


Site123 Although it markets itself with the slogan “Set Up a Free Site”, it is not actually free.

What it offers for free is its online website making program. So you don’t have a site for free. You can only use Site123‘s website design program for free. (Which is not completely free)

In order to publish the website you have created with this website builder 24/7 via your own .com domain name, you need to purchase any of the ready-made website packages. So you need to buy one of the premium packages.

You can have a free 24/7 web site that can be accessed from all over the world, but the address of this site is something like this;


If your dream site has such an extension, then you can choose one of the ready-made site templates for free, set up your own site and publish it with such a domain address.

–The price issue is strange.

It seems as if there is only one ready-made site package, but when you want to publish your site after signing up, you will see 4 different ready-made site packages (premium packages).

The prices of ready-made site packages are also strange. When I wanted to publish my site after signing up to me, it showed a 40% discount on prices, but I think it shows this discount to everyone who is the first member. After 3 – 4 days, the prices appeared without discount.

–The online website building program offered by Site123 does not work with drag and drop method like many other online website builder tools on the list.

So drag and drop website create logic does not exist in Site123. Instead, you can play on designs that are set piece by piece.

For example, when you want to edit the top menu section of your site, Site123 offers you all the designs it contains for the top menu, and you choose one of those designs and make your top menu design that way.

There are plugins such as Google analytics, hotjar, zendesk live chat system, form creation, price table creation, online reservation etc. in their infrastructure.

– The navigation depth of the links on the menu is limited to only 1 digit. So your menu consists of only 2 digits. If you have 1 main category and 4 sub-categories below it, you cannot make this listing in your menu.

–The e-commerce site is also really weird. Payment methods and the number of products to be sold are limited to the ready-made website package.

If you are using the top ready site package, all options such as paypal, credit card payment, money transfer to account are open. As the package drops, the payment options drop one by one.

Click Here To Learn More About Site123 Features and Price

Weebly Web Site Builder Review

Weebly Review 2020

Weebly can be accessed by clicking here to the official site, this article in The other online website design programs, such as simple and straightforward a site that wants to set up and ready for an alternative online may prefer those who want to make the easiest way to be in this website builder.

More than 40 million websites worldwide have been installed with Weebly ready website builder. It is thought that this number corresponds to approximately 2% of the number of internet sites in the world. Which shows that weebly online website creation program is very popular.

Weebly Ready Web Site Builder
Weebly Themes

+ Enabling them to play as they want with completely drag and drop web design concept on ready-made website templates selected by Weebly users,

An online website making program with very useful and effective functionality that you can create with the whole drag and drop method. However, it is a significantly more difficult program compared to its competitors working with the logic of making other drag and drop websites.

+ Allows to interfere with ready-made site templates and their plugins (applications) in their systems by coding (HTML, CSS etc.), playing on code files, making additions,

A system that even offers a built-in-code editor option, thus allowing users who have a good command of coding to be unique.

They have more than + 350 plugins (app – patch software). Here you can have a detailed look at the app markets. Think of these applications as small software packages that give your site additional functionality.

In addition to the additional functions, the following;

Let’s say you want to add your instagram feed to your website. For this, you go to the Weebly app market from the link I provided above and click on the add button for the plugin named instagram feed.

Since Weebly online website opening program is fully compatible with Weebly app market, the installation of such add-ons can be realized with just one click and the add-on you add is activated within the web design builder program when you edit your site immediately.

In this way, you gain this functionality to your site. You can find many plugins such as comment function, price table creation, form creation, live chat, pop-up, questionnaire etc. in the Weebly app market and you can gain many functions by adding additional patches to your site.

There are both free and paid ones.

Of course, the price of paid ones is independent of Weebly ready site packages. In other words, when you buy a premium ready website package from Weebly, you cannot access all paid plug-ins.

However, there are free trial options for paid add-ons (periodical). You look first, you try for free, you use it during the trial process and if you like it then you buy it.

There is also a membership function that you can add to your site. You can activate the option you want to show only the content you want on your site.

You can also rate content restrictions among your members. In other words, while you can reach the following content as gold and bronze members, you can make a rating such that only the gold members can access these contents.

Of course, you can use this feature only if you buy a business package that is pro or higher from ready site packages.

When you activate this feature, by default, the subscribe / sign in buttons are located in the top menu of your site. You can also create these members / login members in a pop-up box with a link (in the form of pop-ups).

Every time a new member signs up, you receive a notification email from Weebly. The membership system also allows you to create groups among your members, and then access these groups to certain pages individually and take control.

Of course, in order to make memberships paid through your site (if you have a plan to sell paid memberships), you need to use a paid add-on named Weebly app market that is suitable for the Weebly ready site builder infrastructure. (However, I think there is an option to receive payments only by Paypal.)

Otherwise, the Weebly ready site creation program does not have the function of selling paid membership by default. A plugin is required for this function.

+ Weebly provides basic interface tools on behalf of SEO. It offers opportunities such as SEO title, adding meta description, setting the URL structure as you like, and entering the image subtags.

You can also find more detailed interface tools that will help SEO in the Weebly App market. For example, the Pasitionly plugin as a paid element has the MarketGOO plugin for free.

(Seo means search engine optimization, that is, search engine optimization. The SEO title is the title of your content in the search results made in search engines like Google, and the meta description is the short description part of your content below the title in the search results.)

+ I definitely recommend google analytics. I also follow the statistics of my own site via google analytics, but Weebly also has a tool to track its visitor statistics. In other words, you can follow the visitor statistics of your site through this function offered by Weebly.

+ Whichever ready-made website package of Weebly you use (including the free package), the online website opening program, that is, includes the hosting fee for the website builder. (See: What is Hosting)

You don’t have to pay an extra fee for hosting. You simply create your site using Weebly‘s website design program and receive it directly for publication.

Of course, since Weebly takes the responsibility of hosting, the security of the server that your site is hosting is also under the responsibility of Weebly, since they are a very large company, they also keep such security measures very tight. So you don’t even have to worry about hacking.

+ One of the features that Weebly doesn’t have in many other ready-made site builder competitors is that you can download your site completely as a .zip file. (Site backup is a very useful feature for site migration purposes)

+ Sales comments are a little different than other ready-made site builders I have listed. It is positively different.


Even if you choose the free ready site package at the beginning, you have the opportunity to use all the functions of Weebly. There are no functional restrictions in the free package.

In other words, there is no such thing as only those who buy the business ready site package can experience the following feature of our website builder tool. This gives you the opportunity to test and experience all drag and drop features of Weebly’s online website creation program, etc. at no cost.

You can test the system without paying money, and if you like its usage, features etc. you can buy the paid package.

+ Ready site designs are fully responsive. No matter what device your site is opened by potential visitors, all of your content automatically takes shape and opens according to those dimensions.

+ If the site you want to set up will have a lot of content, number of pages (more than 100 pages), I suggest you choose Weebly rather than Wix or other ready-made site design programs. Weebly infrastructure copes better with sites with such extensive site content.

+ Whichever of the paid Weebly site packages for the first year you get (provided that you get at least 1 year), the company gives you a domain address (such as google.com like domain name) with the package you bought.

Of course, if you wish, you can take your domain address from somewhere else as in Site123, then you can direct the name servers of your domain address to Weebly name servers.

+ It offers unlimited navigation depth in the menu structure. In other words, you can add as many submenu elements as you want under the element in your top menu.

+ There are icons and shortcuts in the editor of the online website opening program (page editor) where you can add functions such as image gallery, video, music player.

And when you install the plugins (such as tables, calendar inserts or social media components plugins etc.) available in the app market, the usage shortcuts that are required for the use of most plugins, which should be available in the page editor section, are automatically added in the editor section.

+ You can add ad codes to your site (as you are allowed to interfere with the codes) as you wish. You can display ads. (Such as Google adsense ads etc.)

+ You can easily perform operations such as adding a contact form to your contact page and google map integration with a click.

+ 500 MB of storage space for a free ready-made site package. Unlimited for all other paid ready site packages.

+ Support systems work as follows; They offer e-mail support for their users who prefer free ready-made site packages. For those who use any paid site packages, they offer e-mail, live chat and telephone support.

+ They have created the following sentence for return policies: We offer a 30-day easy return guarantee for our paid plans


–The biggest drawback of Weebly is that they market themselves with the slogan “Set up a free site” like online website builders that offer other ready-made site templates, but they are not actually free.

All it offers for free is the online ready-to-build website builder program. You can use this program free of charge, you can set up your site through this program and you can get it published.


The name of your website you publish is a subdomain. So the domain address (Domain name / URL structure) looks exactly like this;


If you wish to use your own domain address in any way with the .com extension (in the form of yoursite.com). then you need to buy a domain and connect to Weebly, the lowest ready site package, Connect, to link it to Weebly.

– In the plus part, I mentioned that there are many add-ons that will serve your business, which are most likely the answer to many functions you may need in the app market.

Of course, many of these add-ons are paid add-ons … You already have to buy a paid ready-made site package even if you only buy your domain address and link it to your site that you set up through Weebly online website builder.

You will also need to pay an extra fee to a plugin available in App Markets to add a feature that is not included in Weebly‘s default website builder / editor.

Anyway, even the lowest package price is $ 5 per month (which is not a cheap figure. Also, the prices for the plugin are not cheap at all …) and the cost of the site you want to make will cost you a lot when you add the add-on fees.

I mean, the Weebly system offers you many features but every feature is surrounded by paid walls. The more functions you want to add to your site, the more you need to add features, the more walls you have to demolish, and the more you need to pay.

There are more than –40 ready site templates. In fact, it is a very low figure compared to other online web design programs. However, you are still very likely to find a ready-made site template in the style you want.

If you can’t find it, you can look at the mojo market as an extra. In the link I provided, extra ready templates for Weebly are sold. You can also buy one of them.

–With free and Connect ready site packages, there is a Weebly advertisement under your site that you cannot interfere with or remove. You must use the lowest pro ready site package for this ad to remain.

–There are also multiple language options. However, you need to purchase the plugin called Multi-language from the app (plugin) markets for an extra fee.

– As with Site123, there is a problem with layout in Weebly. The layout width of the ready-made website template you choose (we can also call it the page width) is 700px and if you want a 710px layout, you cannot manually make it 710px wide.

The layout sizes allowed by the system use them, so you can’t get out of them. Wix has layout flexibility.

–They also offer many functions in the name of e-commerce. You can actually set up a very detailed e-commerce site with Weebly. However, as I said for all other ready-made website builder companies in my article, if your aim is to set up an e-commerce website with online website building programs, do not even spend time with any other online web design program other than Shopify or wordpress.org infrastructure. I say.

–Another point you should pay attention to is the automatic package renewals of Weebly. Let’s say you bought a 1-year Weebly Ready site package, but after 8 months you stopped using Weebly or your site project has become idle, you are no longer interested in your site.

In this case, you should enter your Weebly subscription and cancel it from your customer panel. Otherwise, Weebly will automatically renew your package at the end of 1 year and automatically charge the fee from your credit card.

Click here to learn about Weebly features, prices and more

SquareSpace Web Site Builder Review:

Squarespace Review 2020

You can reach the official website by clicking here, Squarespace is a company that does not serve in so many languages compared to other ready-made site builders I have listed. However, I still wanted to include this company as it is a good alternative.

Of course, if you want to try and choose Squarespace as a ready site builder, you must have at least a medium level English first!

Supposing you have a medium level English, let me start introducing you to this online website opener with its pros and cons;

If you are an artist, photographer, musician etc. Sqaurespace is the best solution for you if you are dealing with such professions, if you want to build a portfolio site, a contemporary-looking or image-oriented website, or if you are creating a site for a one-time event such as a wedding.


+ Ready-made website templates (designs) are largely photo-oriented. In other words, it is the photos that take up the most space in the templates and make up the majority of the template. This allows you to make your site quite original by replacing the photos in the ready-made templates with the photos you want.

+ The logic of the ready site builder works by throwing the content blocks (photo galleries, forms, buttons, video backgrounds and more.) On the page you want to add with the drag and drop method, and then clicking on the content block that you put into the page and clicking the edit button.

+ One of the beautiful features is that when you add a photo gallery block to your homepage, the photos in that gallery will naturally look much smaller than their originals since they will be shown in a single gallery with many photos.

But even in the small version of these photos, you can play the photo exactly as you want with the drag and drop method, and determine exactly where it will be cropped and where it will appear in the gallery.

+ Still offers a wide range of editing in the (Visual design) section. You can choose each title format, font format, color, size, background color on your site.

You can customize the color – size – font options of your menus, buttons, page layouts, etc., ie all kinds of site items as you wish.

It will be a specific feature again, but I did not want to go without mentioning it. It has the feature of creating the best restaurant menu among ready-made site builders in the market.

You simply enter the menu content as text (product, description and price etc.) and then the data you enter is automatically processed into the menu design you choose.

In this way, you can create a restaurant menu with a very nice appearance, professionally and designally, and add this menu to your desired page in a block and publish it.

+ The biggest difference from other ready-made site builder companies on the list is that you do not lose any content or data when you change the template.

When you want to change a template after using it for a while, just because you are bored, you can completely change the design of your site and in no way your contents are transferred to the new design you choose without being damaged.

+ If you want to write a blog, I want to set up a website for this, and if you think that I will do this through ready-made website builder companies, ready, I will warn you directly while reading these lines so that you don’t have to waste time on ready-made website platforms.

Your time and effort go to waste.

While there is a software infrastructure offered by WordPress.org, do not even come close to such companies. Likewise, this blog you are reading right now is built with the wordpress.org infrastructure.

Also, I explained how to open a blog with the wordpress.org infrastructure in my blog, in detail, without skipping any point. You can set up our blog by following the spelling.

Nevertheless, since I do not want to pass without mentioning, even though Squarespace’s blog infrastructure does not even come close to the advantages offered by the wordpress.org infrastructure, it is also worth noting that it has a better blog infrastructure than the other website builder template companies in my article. I think there is.

+ Squarespace also has mobile applications like other ready-made website builders. (for ios and android)

You can manage and edit your site through the applications, and you can do whatever you can do on these desktop computers.

+ If you use a package below this ready-made site package like other ready-made web design programs in my article, we will place our ads on your site, and you should use a higher package than this ready-made site package to remove the ads.

Fortunately .. No matter what package of Squarespace you use, SquareSpace ads do not appear on your site.

+ Regardless of which ready-made site package you buy, they give a 1-year domain gift beside the package. In the following years, this price is progressing at $ 20 a year. In other words, the renewal fee of the domain address you choose comes to $ 20 a year (at the end of the first year).

Of course, there are places where you can buy a domain address cheaper and of course you can buy the domain from another place and link it to your site.

If the domain sale price of Squarespace is expensive for you, you can get your domain address from somewhere other than Squarespace.

For example, by following the article titled How to buy a domain from Godaddy, you can get it at a very reasonable price with the discount link in my article from Godaddy company, which is the largest domain host in the world.

Of course for this; After purchasing any of Squarespace’s ready-made site packages, wherever you purchased your domain address, you need to enter the customer panel of that company and change the domain name servers from the domain administration section to the name servers of Squarespace.

Note: This process requires a bit of technical knowledge and can be quite complicated for beginners. If you don’t know how to change the name server, my advice is to never waste time entering such technical details for a $ 3 – $ 4 discount.

+ Other online web design programs also contain patch packages in the app market, that is, the plugin market style, that people can give their sites the additional functions they want.

Squarespace has an app-market in the same way (You can find it here / there are plugins for e-commerce functions in general.) But its logic is different from other online web design programs.

There is an add-on logic in the Squarespace rather than the plugin logic. So these are also indirectly add-ons. All add-ons on their systems are active for those who use Business plan and above packages from ready site packages.

You can also find add-ons here. among them; There are add-ons that allow you to integrate functions such as reservation and online appointment system, social media components, gallery, picture, flicker, 500x, instagram feed to your site.

+ A nice plus of Squarespace is the video background design feature. This feature allows you to create a repeating (looping) video background wherever you want on your site.

Text content, image etc. on the video as you wish. You can add content like.

You can add the video you want on YouTube (just by entering the video url address) as a background video and apply a series of filters to the video you added. (Automatically play video fast or slow)

However, some minor improvements can be made in addition: first, you are not allowed to choose the start and end points for your video loop. There is no such option. It is not possible to display only certain parts of the video running as background (such as 5:30 minutes to 8:20 minutes) of the video.

Second, it would be a nice option if you could upload the video background directly to your site (as you can do in Wix). (You can only add youtube videos.)

So if there was such an option, you could only play the parts you want to see as a video (You cut the video, upload the parts you want to appear as a video yourself)

Third, visitors view background videos only in silent mode. Background video does not have the ability to turn on or off. (but you can find a solution with the paid add-on)

Finally, these video backgrounds unfortunately only work on some devices. More precisely, this feature is disabled in some mobile browsers because it is not supported.

However, for an online website creation program, even if only youtube videos, it is really successful to add video background and present such a function to the user.

+ If you are using a business or higher ready site package, the system allows you to add code, edit or delete existing codes.

Since it allows coding, you can display ads the way you want, like Google adsense ads. (You can add ad codes etc.)

+ You can create encrypted pages. The site content / page you set is accessible only to users who know the password. You can also set a separate password for each page / content.

+ There is a plugin called Squarespace Metrics.

With this plugin, you can follow your site visitor statistics. However, I recommend using google analytics instead. Likewise, the vast majority of my blog and website owners also use google analytics for visitor tracking.

+ You can enter and edit your SEO titles, meta descriptions, URL structures for each page / content as you wish. There are also header editing items for the page (from H1 to H6 Header).

(SEO means search engine optimization. The SEO title is the title of your content in the search results made in search engines like Google, and the meta description is the short description part of your content below the title in the search results.)

You can enter alternative text, subtitles and definitions for your pictures. (However, this process has never been user-friendly. For an image gallery you add, you need to enter the image tags differently, for the content main image, differently for product images.

You can also make 301 redirects. If you want, you can also keep the pages / content you specifically specify out of google index.

No matter which ready-made site package you use, SSL support is available for all of them.

+ Google analytics (a tool to track your site statistics) and Search Console (a tool provided by google for webmasters) can also be integrated

+ AMP support is also provided for your content (unfortunately, only for blog content).

+ You can easily add the add to cart function / option to your site. In other words, you can sell products or services, including downloadable digital products, on your site.

Of course, for this you need to use a ready-made website package of business or higher. If you are going to go on e-commerce anyway, stay away from Squarespace or any other online website opening program listed.

As far as I can see in Squarespace, the focus they focus on is that their investment always seems to have only long ways to e-commerce.

I think that an e-commerce site that will be built with Shopify or even more, with the wordpress.org infrastructure, cannot pass by in the medium or long term. (See how to make an e-commerce site with wordpress)

+ Frequently asked questions, 24/7 services available via email and live chat. (of course in English only) There is no option to get support with a single phone.

No matter which ready-made site package you use, Unsplash opens all of its stock photos to you for free. So you don’t have to pay extra copyright fees for stock photos.

+1000 adobe and over 600 google fonts are available to you.

+ There is a multi-feature, fully customizable contact form creation tools (add-on).

+ You can also integrate Mailchimp mail subscription and bulk mail delivery system for your site.


–There is no free ready site plan for trial version etc. If you want to use it, you should definitely buy a ready-made site package. However, they give 14 days free usage right for paid ready site packages.

–Only to say the online website making program is not easy to use. It can even be said to be more difficult than Wix. If you think of Wix as android, you can think of Squarespace as ios.

Solving the system may take some time. I think even a little bit of “light” will remain. But it’s definitely worth the time you spend to learn how website builder interfaces work.

– It is hard to say that the designs offered, that is, ready-made site templates are also coded in a highly optimized manner in terms of speed compared to other ready-made site builders.

With the experience I gained as a result of the speed tests I rained, I can say that; in terms of speed, it is a bit behind compared to its competitors.

– One of the features that distinguishes sharply in the negative direction from the companies that provide the opportunity to set up other online websites in the list is that it does not allow you to take backups or return to backup through the backup. It doesn’t have a feature like that. (There is an export option only for your product and blog content.)

–As you can not get a backup, if you want to move your site from Squarespace to another platform, unfortunately it is almost impossible to do this.

You can get the email address with the domain name –Domain, but they provide it via g-suit and it costs $ 6 per month, which is quite expensive.

–You cannot create a multilingual site. If you want the site you create to serve in many languages, then check out the other ready-made website companies on the list.

– Your sitemap is automatically created by Squarespace. You cannot intervene.

You must enter the canonical tags manually. There are no tool panels that allow this.

–It will be a very specific minus side, but when most online ready-to-create site builders change the URL structure of any content on their site, they redirect the old URL structure so that the new URL structure does not automatically get the 404 error.

However, in Squarespace, the user needs to do this himself and when this is forgotten, no warning is given. In order for the content not to lose SEO, it must be transferred to the new page, ie redirected (301 redirects).

– It allows you to create an unlimited number of pages, but the depth of navigation is limited to just one step. In other words, for very large sites (for sites with too many page content pages and categories, subcategories), it is a negative feature that will definitely affect the operation.

Of course, this negative feature can be solved with javascript coding, but in the easiest way, why use these systems if people who will create a ready-made website online, that is, if you will have business with javascript coding.

– There is not even a simple function like automatic saving on pages or articles! Users who write these really long pages or articles can become very annoying.

Shopify E-Commerce Platform Review

Shopify E-Commerce Platform Review 2020

You can reach the official website from here (by clicking) Shopify shows up as a ready-made e-commerce website builder, which is a more specific area rather than setting up an online website. It is by far the most popular and most preferred ready-made e-commerce website platform in the world.

More than 1 million people around the world have chosen Shopify as an e-commerce website building tool over an online platform. The momentum of popularity is growing with a tremendous snowball effect day by day.

One of the main ideas behind the Shopify online e-commerce site builder is to make people who do not have the coding language or any technical knowledge as simple and fast as a ready e-commerce site owner.

However, I must state from the very beginning that; you can’t use Shopify in so many languages. You need to use Google translate extensions if Shopify doesn’t has support for your language.

Shopify Pros:

People who are familiar with HTML and CSS will be pleased to hear that Shopify allows them to edit both on ready-made e-commerce templates. Thus, it will give you flexibility and control as much as you want in terms of design on your ready e-commerce template.

When you buy any of Shopify‘s ready-made e-commerce site packages, you do not need to pay an additional fee for hosting, that is, hosting. (See what is hosting)

Hosting is included in the ready-made e-commerce package you receive. In other words, the system is sold as an all-inclusive kit.

Apart from offering a ready-made e-commerce site, there is also a Lite package. You can see it at the bottom of the pricing pages (here) The price of this package is 9 dollars per month.

It is useful to state that;

When you buy the Lite package, you cannot create a ready shopping site on Shopify. When you receive this package, you only pay to use the receive function of Shopify.


Let’s say you want to sell a product on your facebook page. You have promoted your product from your facebook page, and you will direct your postal customers to Shopify‘s payment (virtual pos booths offered by Shopify) so that you can make a purchase by clicking this link.

People also make the purchasing function through Shopify. In this way, you will use all the payment methods offered in the infrastructure of Shopify as virtual pos. Thanks to the lite package.

Or you have a website (for example, on a site that you set up with Squarespace or wix) and you want to sell a product again, you will set up a virtual pos infrastructure to get paid to your site, instead you will click the Buy with Shopify button.

And your mail customers click on this button to pay you through Shopify, or rather, whatever virtual post systems the Shopify hosts, whatever they prefer. Think like paypal.

The main differences between Shopify ready-made e-commerce website packages, more precisely, the differences in price and feature are:

Reporting: If you want professional reporting, you need to use at least a basic Shopify ready e-commerce site package package for product sales reporting, statistics, etc. (all data about your customers’ time on your site).

Gift Cards (Discount Coupons Feature): With this feature, you can create discount coupons in the rates you want and activate a part where you will enter a discount coupon in the purchase steps.

Thus, when any potential visitor enters the discount coupon section in the purchase coupon section, the total amount in the basket decreases at the rate you specify for that discount coupon.

To use such a function, you also need to use a ready-made e-commerce site package on “basic Shopify”. In the Basic package, this feature is not available.

Realtime Carrier Shipping (Calculating the approximate shipping cost simultaneously): This feature automatically calculates the estimated shipping cost for the products that your post customers add to the basket (based on the width, height, volume, weight data you have previously set and adjusted). It saves.

If you want to bring this feature to your site, you should use the advanced, the least expensive, ready-to-use e-commerce site package (not counting Shopify Plus).

Staff Accounts: If you operate your ready-made e-commerce site as a team, then you can grant different permissions to different members of your team with this feature (a very useful feature to restrict access to sensitive data);

In the “Basic Shopify” plan, 2 employee accounts are allowed; 5 in the “Shopify” plan and 15 in the “Advanced Shopify” plan.

Point of Sale (Pos): If you want to use all the payment functions offered by Shopify, you need to use a package above the basic Shopify ready e-commerce site package.

Apart from the features I listed above, all of the features are common in the ready-made e-commerce website packages offered by Shopify.

+ While Shopify sells ready-made e-commerce packages monthly (such as a subscription), it also offers annual and higher purchasing options, which provides a 10% discount for annual purchases and 20% discount for two-year purchases. .

So you have to have a company to get paid on your e-commerce site that you created with credit card and Shopify.

Your company must be able to apply for warranty pos to the warranty bank. After you receive the guarantee virtual pos, since Shopify has integration with the guarantee pos, when you enter the required information fields via Shopify, the guarantee is activated as a payment method on your virtual pos site and the fees of the purchases made with your credit card on your site lie in your warranty bank account.

Of course, if you use one of these poses, you also pay commissions ranging from 0.5% to 2% depending on the level of ready-made e-commerce package you use to Shopify per your e-commerce site.

If you want to use Shopify‘s own pos terminals other than these, ie 3rd party pos terminals (such as warranty pos), then up to 3% commissions based on the payments made through your site according to the level of ready-made e-commerce package and country. You pay to Shopify.

Countries you can use (Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, China, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, UK

They offer a total of 8 ready-made e-commerce templates. These ready-made e-commerce templates also have 2-3 variations among themselves. All responsive. In other words, the templates you use are designed to open in full harmony regardless of the screen sizes of all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

In addition to these 8 ready-made e-commerce templates, there are paid templates. A total of 64 and more are added every day. Their fees also range from $ 140 to $ 180. These paid templates are also completely responsive.

+ If you know coding, you can also code your own theme via Shopify. If you only know coding languages ​​such as HTML – CSS, you can also customize the templates in terms of design as Shopify allows editing templates with encoding.

In fact, the systems operate quite simply.

First of all, you are purchasing a ready-made e-commerce site package. After the purchase, you choose one of the paid or free e-commerce templates and your site is ready. After this point, you can start selling directly.

Of course, as I said at the very beginning, you need to have at least an intermediate level of English. The panels are as follows;

Ready E-Commerce Site Shopify Panel
Online E-Commerce Site Making Program Shopify Panel
Through this panel, you set up and manage the areas you will sell from the tab called “Sales Channels” by Shopify.

Online Store: This tab is the tab you manage directly by setting up a ready-made e-commerce site
Facebook: The location where the feature is set, allowing you to add a Shopify tab to your Facebook page.
Messenger: A tab that allows you to make sales through messenger in one-to-one communication with people directly via Facebook messenger. (It also provides order and shipping notifications.)
Buy Button: The tab where the function that allows you to place the Buy Direct button, ie the e-commerce function, except Shopify if you have a website (see how to set up a website) or blog (see how to open a blog).
Amazon: The tab that lets you manage your Shopify products and Amazon product listings in one place.
Ebay: Tab that allows you to list your products on Ebay using your Shopify store.

There is an Instagram sales channel, of course. You can receive payments for your sales on Instagram again thanks to the integration of Shopify – instagram.

+ Import options are also available. If you are going to enter / upload products collectively, you can transfer products to your site from another platform in CSV format to your Shopify-ready e-commerce site. In the same way, you can export / export.

Shopify allows up to 100 different variations in the diversified sale of a product.

So it is as follows; Let’s say you sell shoes on your site as a product. You can offer 100 different options as different numbers on that shoe’s product sales page. You can also offer 3 different options for each of these 100 different number options. (for example 3 different colors)

+ Shopify can automatically create categories from product names and labels used for the product. This is a very useful feature for e-commerce sites where many products are sold.

+ You can also offer product prices in different currencies. However, this feature only offers a free template called Debut from Shopify. You can activate this function by using an additional add-on called Bold Currency for other templates.

+ When a potential customer has added products to your shopping cart, there is a function like Shopify‘s “abandoned shopping cart recovery” when it leaves the site.

When the customer comes back to the site, he displays the same products again, just like he left his basket. (No need to be a member or login) You can also send mail to your members who leave the site automatically and manually, by choosing the time interval. (As a reminder)

+ You can enter and edit your SEO titles, meta descriptions for each page / product page as you want. You can enter alternative text, subtitles and definitions for your pictures.

(SEO means search engine optimization. The SEO title is the title of your content in the search results made in search engines like Google, and the meta description is the short description part of your content below the title in the search results.)

You can also make 301 redirects. If you want, you can also keep the pages / content you specifically specify out of google index.

You can also determine your URL structures, but Shopify adds some prefixes to the URL structures. For example, it adds in the form of / products / product-page-url-structure in front of the product URL address you have specified for a product page.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any information about Canonical tags.

Especially for e-commerce sites, Canonical tags are a must-have feature. However, I think a company that sells e-commerce sites ready to offer such an important feature to its users for e-commerce sites has been considered.

+ There are over 3200 add-ons in the app markets.

You can reach the app markets from here. This means that you can find an answer or solution for your e-commerce site, wherever you want, by using plugins for any function or function. The downside is that these plugins are paid. Unfortunately, sometimes you can integrate even the simplest functions into your site using paid plugins.

+ I can say that the reporting aspects are very strong. their function;

sales reports,
customer reports (where the customer came from, new – perpetual customer percentages, total time spent on the site, when was the last time they bought a product, etc.),
marketing reports (where, how did you get the customers style),
search data reports (product searches on your site, etc.),
financial reports (sales, taxes etc.) such as abandoned shopping cart reports. dozens or even hundreds of reports.
+ Shopify‘s blog feature is also available.

In other words, besides your ready shopping site, you can publish blog contents such that marketing strategies are a must for e-commerce sites today.

So it is nice that such a feature is not skipped, but of course, the blog interface, the flexibility and functionality it provides, besides what the wordpress.org infrastructure provides, I can say with my 10 years of wordpress experience, that is really nothing.

Nevertheless, they offer this function to their customers on ready-made e-commerce site platforms in a way that meets your requests at a simple level.

+ Your products offer AMP feature for your product pages, but the bad news is that you need to use a paid plugin to make this feature functional on your site.

They offer +7/24 live chat, email and phone support (for some countries only). (Unfortunately in English)

+ Zoom function, image gallery and video feature are available for product and product pages. At the same time, your customers can enter comments / feedback on the product sales page for the products they buy.

Of course, there is SSL integration in every ready-made e-commerce website packages.

+ Your customers can shop on your site either as a member or not. You can offer your customers the opportunity to shop without being a member.

+ You can specify the shipping charges as country-based, city-based, company-based, day etc., and put them among the options.

Shopify Cons:

–The prices are really costly. So ok, e-commerce business requires sites with a structure that requires many features and functions. It is not a simple thing to offer such sites as a ready-made e-commerce site,

Well, it should be something worthy of money, but the desired prices, or even for very simple features, in addition, the prices requested through add-ons or package restrictions can sometimes be seriously annoying at some points.

I have very strict criticisms that I can bring to price policies at many points, but without going into detail, I will be contented with saying that generally unreasonable price policies are managed.

–If the products you sell have specifications to be specified by the customer;

Example: You are selling Printed T-Shirts, such as uploading files at the purchase stage to send the photo that the customer wants to be printed on the t-shirt.

Or you are selling a product related to jewellery, and the name of the customer needs to be written on it, and for this to be written, the customer needs to enter this information in a special field during the purchase steps.

In other words, in order to add the file upload option or an option to enter a text entry to the purchase steps, another paid add-on must be purchased or coded.

Not based on this function in Shopify. However, such customizations are quite simple functions that any e-commerce site may need.

As a user of wordpress.org trying to monetize even such simple functions (such customizations in WordPress infrastructure can be done very easily and free of charge.) It seems very thought-provoking in my eyes.

–When you want to make sales in different currencies along with TL in your product sales through your ready e-commerce site created with Shopify (adding different currencies such as usd, eur to prices)

And you need to use at least the Shopify Plus package in order for the currency to be detected from the visitor’s IP address and to be displayed automatically accordingly.

Which is the monthly price of this package is 2000 dollars. Even for functions that are functional and relatively simple, the desired prices are truly lip-boring.

However, it is possible to perform such a function with an e-commerce site built with the wordpress.org infrastructure, free of charge, with a single plugin (patch package).

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SiteGround Easy Web Builder Review

SiteGround Easy Web Builder Review

Besides the other ones, SiteGround is more complex and professional hosting platform.If you want to learn about this kind of website/blog setup please first read our guideSiteGround is currently one of the best web hosting companies in the world, offering safe and innovative solutions for business and personal users of all sizes. They have a web hosting platform that makes their services efficient for small and medium businesses. If you’re using a developer, website owner, or an e-commerce business, SiteGround is the perfect hosting option for you. Read our SiteGround host review below:

Free Website Migration
Easy and Fast Installation
Daily Backup
99.9% Continuous Working Guarantee

Pricing Plans According to Lids Instead of Features
Disk Space Limitation in Shared Plans

The services they provide make SiteGround an ideal solution for anyone using creative platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, Magento and Joomla. With hosting plans, you can comfortably support small, medium and large businesses online.

One of the reasons their services stand out is that they offer some of the fastest hosting speeds on the Internet, their working time is impressive and they can enjoy reliable customer service because of their affordable prices.

The company was founded in 2004 and has since grown to support more than 500,000 areas. There are shared and dedicated servers, VPS hosting and many other hosting platforms, all strategically located in Europe, the USA and Singapore, allowing them to access all major markets and provide relevant services when needed.

Perhaps one of the main reasons why they can stay in the competition is based on the fact that they have some of the best working times (99.9%) on the market so far. This is an important point, that downtime is a way to send customers, and for e-Commerce businesses, this means too much loss in revenue and possibly loss of customers in your competition.

Apart from these features, they have incredible rates for all-inclusive, highly flexible, fast, scalable and secure hosting plans. For developers, it not only makes your job easier, but also makes it faster.

Regarding the competition, when you use SiteGround, you will pay a little more than the average hosting services there. However, later, the rest cannot guarantee or offer robust security, customer service, and tutorials that make it one of the best technical platforms ever, even if you have no programming experience.

Key Features
24/7 support
Free Domain
Advanced Control Panel
Leech Protection
CloudFlare Integration
Ecommerce Solution
Over 60 Free WordPress Themes
Automatic Plugin Update
Website Wizard
Complete Website Security Tools
Supports Hundreds of Open Source Applications
SiteGround Super-Cacher Tool

Site Experts Industry Experts Decision
Hosting Services What do experts say about SiteGround? They found customer service flawless, like customers, and thought the service was a good choice for first-timers or small businesses that did it themselves and might have to ask a lot of questions.

Here are the benefits:

They provide excellent and helpful customer service
GoGeek plan is a solid choice for shared hosting or WordPress managed hosting
SiteGround offers some good tutorials and wizards to create different services
Integration with CloudFlare is a plus
Good plugins to track suspicious activity and security concerns
And their bad points?

Expensive pricing, plugins and automatic renewals

In the case of this hosting service, it seems that customer reviews and expert reviews have come equally. While experts don’t rate it as high as some competitors’ services, customers seem (mostly) happy, especially when it comes to customer service. Pay attention to these automatic renewals and add cost.

Positive Consumer Reviews and Opinions at SiteGround
SiteGround customers often report a positive experience:

Excellent and fast technical support when needed
Live chat features are useful and most importantly responsive and problems are resolved quickly (i.e. within minutes, not hours).
A great option for WordPress sites
Considering that more than a quarter of all websites are developed from WordPress, this is a good thing!
GoGeek package in particular is good for making your sites fast
This is due to the included Cloudflare Railgun support and Memcache and Varnish caching.
Very happy customers after switching from other hosting services
It seems that other competitors are not doing as well as Site Area!
Negative Consumer Reviews and Complaints at SiteGround
SiteGround‘s customers have very little attitude, but they often seem to be very specific issues that only some of them might care about.

WHM and CPanels are not SSL certified.
Limited backups
Backups of your site are only stored for 7 days, and instead of doing it yourself, you need to get customer support to access them – there will also be a cost.
Many controls are hidden from customers
You cannot do many maintenance work that other hosting companies can allow you to do with SiteGround.
You need to ask them to fix something
For most people, they just don’t want websites to run and throw errors and run out of resources. Although this is an unusual event, if it happens, you have to chase it.
Some pricing feel fraudulent
There are many opportunities for you to register on this platform. After your trial period expires, it will automatically renew your subscription at a higher rate, which will disturb a few more customers.
Reliability & uptime
When you consider CloudFlare CDN, an unlimited MySQL storage database, among other things, 99.9% uptime guarantee, daily backups to secure servers, among other features, this is an ideal platform for you. They also run an incredible interrupt prevention software that runs in the background, prevents server problems and sorts them in real time without human intervention.

Apart from that, they also use a SuperCacher system, which is one of the best cache systems on the market so far, effectively improving your performance and speed. In this way, you can choose dynamic or static cache, HHVM or Memcached platforms for your business.

Uptime Guarantee

With real-time detection of potential problems on servers, you can be assured of 99.9% server uptime guarantee. This makes SiteGround one of the most sought after platforms in the internet business world. There are many hosting platforms that often promise 100% uptime, but most of them fall under this commitment. The custom tracking tool that the company runs automatically can instantly resolve up to 90% of server problems. This is good because it can take up to 20 minutes for other providers to respond to server problems.

SiteGround is a pioneer in the industry, considering it to be the first platform to create an isolation protocol that isolates vulnerable accounts to take over the entire server. Therefore, this makes their shared hosting much better because it is as safe as you can get with a custom hosting plan.

They also have people whose jobs include additional inventory invested in monitoring servers, evaluating and responding to potential threats, and automatically assessing potential threats. This is one of the main reasons why their reviews are impressive.

Customer support
One of the key areas where the company places a lot of emphasis is on the need to ensure that its customers are served with great care. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the company via the available platforms; live chat, phone or ticketing.

They also run an online database (FAQ page) where you can answer most of your questions without the help of an assistant. Apart from that, there are also interactive tutorials that you can use to help you find your way to the platform, making it easy to solve your problems easily. One of the best things about their service is that the customer service team is available 24/7.

Ease of Use
One of the main reasons for SiteGround to still remain high after so many years is that they are designed to be very easy to use. No matter what kind of user or experience level you have, the most important thing is that you can find everything you need through cPanel.

The User Interface is specially designed to make your work easier, and deals with a lot of information for beginners who don’t have the most basic knowledge of hosting. They also maintained the industry trend, where you can easily install an app or create your new website at the click of a button. Therefore, this saves a lot of time than you would otherwise lose trying to find your way on the platform.

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Last Words

So, in this huge review, we explained best easy web site builder platforms in very detail to you. You can choose wisely with considering your needs. These platforms are great way to start online presence. You can create a blog, or portfolio or with an e-commerce site sell anything you want. If you have any questions we are here to help.


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